Thursday, July 15, 2010

The new Em&Ems, minus the chocolate.

Welp, great news!!! Em and I are getting skinny. period. Eating less and more healthy too. Beach walk bi-daily which includes running up and down every set of stairs that leads to the beach AND situps in the grass. And on the days we dont walk, I gym. (bc em is already pin thin) Em is toning and Id like to lose 15 pounds thank you. let me re-phrase... I WILL be losing 15 pounds, heck maybe 20. So..... Here is our regimen for getting skinny and gorgeous:

Beer is out. Vodka is in, and only on the weekends. (its more chic anyway)

Excercise all the time. (im even doing butt clenches right now)

Grow our brows. (four words: Brooke shields Blue Lagoon)

Less Cigs . (more weed. ahaha jk but seriously, Id like to be able to breathe when I run)

Sushi sushi sushi. (self explanatory)

Posture. (Yes its cute that Marykate has a slouch, but my back is starting to hurt and I dont want a hump back when Im old)

Fro yo for life. (hey it says nonfat, so shut up)

In addition to these key points, we are doing more things to turn our lives around to make them positive and help us live longer. For example:

Dancing on weekends, whitening our teeth, following our dreams n junk, regular dress up photoshoots in furcoats and open fields, starting our band.... and welp just plain not giving a shit
(my dad and brother would be proud I incoporated that in) and doing what makes us feel good, look good, and stay happy. Its been a few days since this all started and I already feel like how Mischa Barton must feel when she gets a new batch of meth.... fufilled.

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