Friday, October 8, 2010

its got a ring to it

ok, so its been a while. yeah yeah i know get off my back.
I have been caught in a massive brain storm and whirlwind of ideas and thoughts for my future. and its kind of major. i mean.... seriously.

and i kind of have a new obsession website...

this is the kind of amazing stuff they post that literally makes my mouth drop:

might i add that the top one will definitly be my wedding ring one day. (steal it and die)
so yeah now im on a ring binge and have decided to start collecting scrap metal, vintage pendants, and various swap meet things to create really awesome rings. like i really need one more goal in my life. haha but it should be fun. and hey, maybe ill make some sweet shit and earn a little dough from it. maybe rachel zoe will be calling me to accessorize her clients. i mean.... the world is my oyster, really.
ps does anyone have a sautering iron.....?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The new Em&Ems, minus the chocolate.

Welp, great news!!! Em and I are getting skinny. period. Eating less and more healthy too. Beach walk bi-daily which includes running up and down every set of stairs that leads to the beach AND situps in the grass. And on the days we dont walk, I gym. (bc em is already pin thin) Em is toning and Id like to lose 15 pounds thank you. let me re-phrase... I WILL be losing 15 pounds, heck maybe 20. So..... Here is our regimen for getting skinny and gorgeous:

Beer is out. Vodka is in, and only on the weekends. (its more chic anyway)

Excercise all the time. (im even doing butt clenches right now)

Grow our brows. (four words: Brooke shields Blue Lagoon)

Less Cigs . (more weed. ahaha jk but seriously, Id like to be able to breathe when I run)

Sushi sushi sushi. (self explanatory)

Posture. (Yes its cute that Marykate has a slouch, but my back is starting to hurt and I dont want a hump back when Im old)

Fro yo for life. (hey it says nonfat, so shut up)

In addition to these key points, we are doing more things to turn our lives around to make them positive and help us live longer. For example:

Dancing on weekends, whitening our teeth, following our dreams n junk, regular dress up photoshoots in furcoats and open fields, starting our band.... and welp just plain not giving a shit
(my dad and brother would be proud I incoporated that in) and doing what makes us feel good, look good, and stay happy. Its been a few days since this all started and I already feel like how Mischa Barton must feel when she gets a new batch of meth.... fufilled.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

-Le Unique of the Week-


Ladies and gents, this weeks Le Unique of the Week goes to "it girl".....

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor.

What a babe. Born in 1992, she has already taken L.A. and soon the world by storm. She is already a proclaimed "it girl" and muse by well know photographer Mark the Cobrasnake, who photographs her regularly. In fact, the following photographs are from a recent photoshoot they did together. Behold.

Altanta is Le Unique of this week for many reasons. Firstly, HER NAME IS ATLANTA! duh. haha Pretty rad if you ask me. She is a fashion risk taker and trend setter in one. Her style could be described as new wave vintage, with a hint of model grunge. Atlanta is a social butterfly and a killer Rachel Bilson look alike with an exotic twist. She is the daughter of a british photographer and her looks are to die. Her locks are flowin and attitude is rockin.
Stunning and Uniquely Chic. Heres to you HOT-LANTA.
keep turnin heads and taking over the world.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

free your mind, and the dress will follow

Let me just say that i love where fashion is going these days. Its a gosh darn free for all.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Circus smirk-us

Love is in the air. Birds are twitterpated, People are getting puppies, popping questions and shooting out babies. yes yes its that time of year again. And i personally think its awesome when people celebrate these times of life with interesting and unique photographs. Take these ones for example taken by Josh Goleman. I dig them mucho. One day when its my turn to celebrate love i hope my photos can be along the lines of these.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

le Unique of the Week

-Em Jay Campagna-

Emily "Em" Campagna......
1/2 of the emily's. one of the two girlfriends i love most (sara). Nanny by day, taking over the world by night. Aspiring film maker. Banjo picking, guitar player. Library liker. wine drinker. heavy thinker. Thrifty spender. French film watcher. Edie-like dancer. clog wearer. Alexa lover. world traveler. heart and neck breaker. way smarter..... than you.

She is one of my dear dear friends who has stolen mine and many other's hearts. She is a fashion freebird, finding inspiration from the latest runway looks, thrift stores, and clothes from 20+ years ago. She finds a way to mesh them all together for a look that only she can pull off and other people seem puzzled about. And looks damn good doing it. She is one of the smartest and wittiest people I know. I never met her in high school because she spent all her time in the library, a place i steered away from. She is a music and movie connoisseur, splashing her tastes all over the walls. From french to 80s to British punk to new wave, shes is always out searching for the newest and greatest sounds to create a life soundtrack to. There is never a boring moment with her whether its a wine and record night, time to go out and dance, photo adventures in unmarked territories or just plain hanging out. She is an old soul. She has a heart made of steal and feathers all at the same time. She longs to be a music venue owner or a film maker, planning to change our views with her visions.

Well i think you already have, Em. Keep up the good work. you are le unqiue of this week. You are a babe and one of my best friends.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the EM-HAIR-ICAN dream. i want your locks, lady.

Monday, June 21, 2010

it will be mine.... oh yes. it will be mine.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brett Weston. Babe and genius photographer.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

le unique of the week

Now here's a girl we can learn from. Forced into a loveless marriage and to rule a country not her own. Found an escape in extravagant balls, gambling and french nightlife. Not to mention scandelous behavior with her loud, leud and lovable friends. She became the epitome of fashion and fun in Europe. Shes a babe and regular 18th century bad ass, standing out and turning the royal world upside down and inside out. When asked what she would do to feed her famished french community she simply stated, "let them eat cake." Hell yeah.

Kudos to you, Marie Antoinette, le unique of the week. Our hats (errr i mean wigs) go off to you. We can all learn to not take things so seriously and loosen up a bit.