Friday, October 8, 2010

its got a ring to it

ok, so its been a while. yeah yeah i know get off my back.
I have been caught in a massive brain storm and whirlwind of ideas and thoughts for my future. and its kind of major. i mean.... seriously.

and i kind of have a new obsession website...

this is the kind of amazing stuff they post that literally makes my mouth drop:

might i add that the top one will definitly be my wedding ring one day. (steal it and die)
so yeah now im on a ring binge and have decided to start collecting scrap metal, vintage pendants, and various swap meet things to create really awesome rings. like i really need one more goal in my life. haha but it should be fun. and hey, maybe ill make some sweet shit and earn a little dough from it. maybe rachel zoe will be calling me to accessorize her clients. i mean.... the world is my oyster, really.
ps does anyone have a sautering iron.....?